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About us

Albina e Mauro

We define ourselves as travelers for passion with the desire to transmit, through unique, particular or simply different trips, a tourism of culture, emotions and values.

The story of Ama Terra

AmaTerra Viaggi was founded in 2007 by the passion for travel and the Made in Italy ethos of Mauro, founder and current owner, and Albina.

Over the years, AmaTerra Viaggi has consolidated as a reference point for incoming and enotourism for the areas of Verona and its province, with particular attention to the territory of Valpolicella, Lake Garda, Terra dei Forti and Trentino.

Becoming D.M.C. and Tour Operator, under the Brand AmaTerra Viaggi, 2 Divisions have been created: AmaTerra Incoming and AmaTerra Eventi.

Studies as a Sommelier and the passion for local cuisine, make us the ideal partner for operators who want to give their customers a memorable sensory experience, as well as individual tourists who want to discover the excellence of the territory of Verona and its province.

Mauro and Albina are always researching different places and cultures, promoting the traditions, the territory and the Made in Italy ethos.

From AmaTerra you can find:
– 24-hour customer assistance
– Enogastronomic and cultural itineraries
– Stays and Weekends
– Wine Tour
– Wine Tasting
– Wine class with Sommelier
– Events
– Week-end in Italy


Profound connoisseur of Italian Traditions and Culture, with professionalism and competence organizes step by step Travel and emotional tours in the area. Owner and Sales Manager, is defined as Tailor Made of the product, coordinates and manages the various activities of AmaTerra Viaggi.


Albina Professional Sommelier, Level 2 Wines & Spirits Certified and Travel Designer, with many years of experience in museums in Verona and in Tourism, has specialized in food and wine tourism, becoming over the years, an important and much respected Ambassador of Wine and Culture.

Wine travel

Albina and Mauro are specialized in Wine Travel, and thanks to their constantly evolving in-depth knowledge of the territory, cellars, accommodation facilities (farms, hotels, restaurants) and sites of historical and artistic interest, they are able to build tailor-made itineraries:

from those who want to know winemaking excellences such as Amarone and all the other varieties of wines to experts who want to deepen their knowledge from lovers of art and history who want to enrich their program with a visit to the ancient villages, villas, Romanesque churches and fabulous landscapes that deserve a stop for photos to those who want to know in an authentic way the city of Romeo and Juliet.

The attention to detail, the competence, the seriousness and the passion they express are their calling card.